"Avitaxonomicon” is a private website that intends to put together up-to-date taxonomic information on birds from order to genus level. The exceedingly speciose perching birds (Passeriformes), however, will be treated to family level only. 

In „Evolutionary history”, “Higher phylogeny”, and “Individual orders”, I provide dated phylogenies of pan-Aves, crown-Aves, and individual avian orders, respectively.

In “Distribution code", I outline the way how geographic distributions of individual taxa are graphically illustrated in “Individual orders”. 

In "Updates", I briefly review new publications. 

In "Annotations", I comment on pan-clades, the PhyloCode, and global avian checklists. A further topic, divergence-time estimation, has been included only recently and should be considered preliminary. 

In "Prospects", I propose a new approach how to assign categorical ranks to supraspecific clades (“Temporal banding”, “CLASSification”) and how to define species (“Chronospecies“). In short, I doubt that there are any principal differences between cladogenesis and speciation, and that both of them should be defined by divergence times. 

The project started in 2016, driven by my fascination for birds, and the incentive to provide a comprehensive resource of avian taxonomic information. It is a one-man show that is doomed to share the fate of a flower: budding, growing, flourishing, and finally withering. 

Preferred citation: 

Fänger, H (2021), Avitaxonomicon, website. [https://www.bird-phylogeny.de]