The Passeriformes, or perching birds represent almost two-thirds of all bird species. For this reason, this order is only treated to family-level. Nevertheless, the Passeriformes are presented here in two timetrees, with the Passerida being treated in a separately.


Timetree of Passeriformes based on Oliveros et al. (2019), with the distribution of each taxon being indicated by the colour-code used throughout this website (see Distribution colour code). In contrast to their treament, however, Lamproliidae are treated here as a separate family rather than a subfamily of Rhipiduridae. Passeri and Tyranni together constitite the Eupasseres. 


The phylogenetic interrelations among Passerides are outlined in the timetree below:

Timetree of Passerides based on Oliveros et al. (2019), with the distribution of each taxon being indicated by the colour-code used throughout this website (see Distribution colour code). The phylogenetic relationships among Sylvioidea have been further detailed by Cai et al. (2019). In contrast to Oliveros et al. (2019), a number of taxa have been upgraded to family status in the above cladogram: Modulatricidae, Cettiidae, Erythrocercidae, Chaetopidae, and Picathartidae. 


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Blue-faced Honeyeater (Entomyzon cyanotis), Meliphagidae (Foto: Carolin Pfeiffer)

Montezuma Oropendula (Psarocolius montezuma), Icteridae

White-eared Catbird (Ailuroedus buccoides), Ptilonorhynchidae (Foto: Carolin Pfeiffer)

Hooded Pitta (Pitta sordida), Pittidae (Foto: Carolin Pfeiffer)

Andean Cock-of-the-rock (Rupicola peruviana), male, Cotingidae (Foto: Carolin Pfeiffer)

Gouldian Finch (Erythrura gouldiae), Estrildidae (Foto: Carolin Pfeiffer)

Vermilion Flycatcher (Pyrocephalus rubinus), Tyrannidae (Foto: Carolin Pfeiffer)

Chestnut-backed Thrush (Geokichla dohertyi), Turdidae (Foto: Carolin Pfeiffer)

Black-and-white Mannikin (Lonchura bicolor), Estrildidae (Foto: Carolin Pfeiffer)

Andean Cock-of-the-rock (Rupicola peruviana), female, Cotingidae (Foto: Carolin Pfeiffer)

Brazilian Tanager (Ramphocelus bresilius), Thraupidae (Foto: Carolin Pfeiffer)

Paradise Tanager (Tangara chilensis), Thraupidae (Foto: Carolin Pfeiffer)