This order, the parrots, comprises the following families: 

  • Psittacidae (African and American Parrots)
  • Psittrichasidae (Vasa Parrots and Pesquet's Parrot)
  • Psittaculidae (Old World Parrots)
  • Cacatuidae (Cockatoos)
  • Strigopidae (Strigops habroptila, Kakapo) 
  • Nestoridae (Nestor, Kea & Kaka)

Genus-level timetree of extant Psittaciformes, with the distribution of each genus being indicated by the colour-code used throughout this website (Distribution code). The timetree is based on Smith et al. (2023, supplementary figure S27), with some temporal adjustments taken from Stiller et al. (2024). Genera that proved to be non-monophyletic are indicated in red.


Species-level classification of extant Psittaciformes based on Joseph et al. (2012), Gregory & Sangster (2023), Sangster et al. (2023), and Smith et al. (2023). Composition of the Calyptorhynchinae follows Saunders et al. (2023). Non-monophyletic genera are highlighted in red. 


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