This superfamily comprises only a single family, the Trogonidae (trogons). 


Mixed species-level and genus-level timetree of extant Trogonidae based on Oliveros et al. (2019). The distribution of each taxon is indicated by the colour-code used throughout this website (see Distribution code). 


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 Pharomachrus auriceps (Golden-headed Quetzal), male (Foto: Mary Yalda)


Pharomachrus auriceps (Golden-headed Quetzal), female

Pharomachrus auriceps, (Golden-headed Quetzal), male

Pharomachrus auriceps (Golden-headed Quetzal), female (Foto: Mary Yalda)

Green-backed Trogon (Trogon viridis), female (Foto: Carolin Pfeiffer)