This order comprises a single family, Otididae (bustards).

Genus-level phylogeny of extant Otididae, with the distribution of each family being indicated by the colour-code used throughout this website (Distribution code). The depicted cladogram is based on Cohen (2011), who didn´t provide a timescale.  


Cohen C (2011), The phylogenetics, taxonomy and biogeography of African arid zone terrestrial birds: the bustards (Otididae), sandgrouse (Pteroclidae), coursers (Glareolidae) and Stone Partridge (Ptilopachus), Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Cape Town. (pdf)

Collar NJ, and Kirwan GM (2023), The generic position of the Nubian Bustard Neotis nuba (Cretzschmar, 1826) (Aves: Otididae), Zootaxa 5315, (abstract)

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